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Especially since the Holidays are in the Air

Autumn is a time for harvesting, gathering, and planning your holiday soirée, where you might find yourself asking how to book a band for your event. With Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away, we can already anticipate the sounds of music and laughter bringing us together with friends and family. Grateful for good health and good company, we can’t wait for the holiday entertaining season to begin.

In thinking about upcoming holiday celebrations and as you begin making your plans, we thought we would share a few tips of what to look for and how to book a band or live music for your event.

Five Tips to Book a Band

  1. Know your audience. Once the guest list is set, it helps to simplify the process of choosing a band by narrowing down what type of music may be most enjoyable to your guests at the event.
  2. Determine your budget. By knowing your budget, it can help you communicate your event needs and finances upfront when selecting a band for hire.
  3. Identify your style. By communicating your style, the band can help to create playlists, choreography, wardrobe, and lighting details that will fill your event with energy and dancing late into the evening.
  4. Select your venue. Your venue and location may impact your selection of your band based on the stage set-up and size of the entertaining space.
  5. Communicate. Once you have selected your musicians, staying in good communication with the band about logistics and set-up details will help make your celebration run smoothly.

By selecting the right live musicians, your holiday soirée will leave your guests feeling the joy and energy of the season with memories to last a lifetime. Engaging entertainment will make your event unforgettable. By pairing creativity, connections, and experience together, the right band will bring your holiday party to life and keep your guests dancing and smiling throughout the day.

We invite you to connect with Moments Notice & Company to experience the energy and music we can bring to your event this holiday season. From our rock wedding orchestra to our premier wedding band, we have the right fit to match your style with our energy.

Jerry Barnett

Jerry Barnett

Founder & President

Jerry Barnett founded Moments Notice in 1980 and built it into Denver’s leading entertainment company. Learn more about Jerry Barnett.