LGBTQ Wedding: Ceremony

This month, the team at Moments Notice & Company got together and thought it would be fun to share some ideas for a same-sex or LGBTQ wedding.

LGBTQ+ weddings are often a celebration of diversity and inclusion, and many couples choose to incorporate elements of their identity into the ceremony. This can include rainbow decor, gender-neutral attire, creative seating arrangements and more. Check out our ideas below.

Rainbow Colored Wedding

Rainbow Colors are a popular theme for LGBTQ+ weddings. Why not consider incorporating them into your flowers, your centerpieces, your linens, lighting washes around the perimeter walls or perhaps your wedding cake. You can also ask your guests to wear bright colors adding fun and flair to the overall atmosphere.

Gender-Neutral Wedding Attire

Many same-sex couples choose to wear gender-neutral attire on their wedding day. This can include suits, jumpsuits, or other outfits that break away from traditional gender norms.

Creative Seating Arrangements

Couples often get ultra-creative with their seating arrangements at their weddings. Instead of separating guests by side, you can arrange seating by “couple.” This ensures both you and your partner’s guests feel equally represented and included.

LGBTQ Wedding: Father-Daughter Dance

Memorable Entertainment

Entertainment that is unique to you and your partner can make your wedding feel truly one-of-a-kind. From drag performances to live music, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of entertainment to your special day.

Same-sex couples often get creative when it comes to traditional wedding roles, such as the father-daughter dance. Some couples choose to have a “first family dance” where both families join in, or it’s perfectly fine to skip the traditional dances altogether.

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Personalized Decor

Decor that reflects your personality and interests can make your LGBTQ wedding feel more unique. You could display your favorite photos or artwork or incorporate items that are symbolic to you in your centerpieces.

Unique Wedding Venues

Choosing a unique wedding venue can elevate your wedding experience. Consider a museum, a botanical garden, or a historic site. The right venue can add a special touch that makes your wedding stand out.

Sustainable Wedding Practices

More and more couples are focused on sustainability at their weddings. You can opt for locally sourced or in-season flowers or eliminate single-use plastics. Additionally, wedding favors that support ethical and sustainable practices can be a great way to give back.

LGBTQ Wedding: Cake Cutting


Many LGBTQ+ weddings have a special focus on inclusivity and representation reflecting the diversity of their community. Couples may want to invite their own queer or trans friends as well as allies who support the community. You could also consider donating a portion of your wedding budget to local advocacy groups.

A Few LGBTQ Wedding Fun Facts

  • A popular trend among LBGTQ+ weddings is to have surprise ceremonies where guests think they are attending another type of event, like a birthday party or engagement party, only to find out they are actually attending a wedding.
  • Many couples choose to incorporate “friendship ceremonies” into their weddings, where they celebrate their platonic friendships with their closest friends in addition to their romantic partnership.
  • In many weddings, both partners will walk down the aisle instead of the traditional “bride walks down the aisle” scenario.
  • In some cultures, there are specific wedding traditions that have been adapted for same-sex couples. For example, in Jewish tradition, the stomping of the glass is typically done by the groom. In same-sex weddings, both partners may choose to stomp on the glass together, or only one partner will do it.

Photos by Red Aspen Photography.

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