We invite you to come and explore two breathtaking venues with us this spring as we journey through the Rockies!

Stop One: Picturesque Bella Vista Estate

Bella Vista Estate - Venue for Moments Notice & Company
Bella Vista Estate

Our first stop is just outside of Steamboat Springs, CO where the golden sunsets, cool mountain air, and colorful wildflowers are ready to greet you at the Bella Vista Estate. Nestled in the serene and picturesque beauty of the Rocky Mountains, this venue offers an incredible mountain retreat. From weddings to family reunions, Bella Vista is ready to be your home away from home offering a “western chic” vibe that is embodied throughout the estate. The Lodge, Cottages, and Overlook, provide you and your guests lots of room to spread out and to stay a while. Arriving for our past performances at this venue, we remember how exciting it is to spot the estate below in the canyon as you come over Rabbit Ears Pass. We hope you can get your eye on the estate too this spring!

Stop Two: Historic Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome - Venue for Moments Notice & Company
Hotel Jerome

Exploring further into the high country, our next stop is in Aspen, CO where adventure awaits around every corner. Come fall in love with this unique ski town, indulge in the rich history of the area, and discover a venue that we have enjoyed playing at through the decades-the historic Hotel Jerome. Hotel Jerome transports you back to the old west while surrounding you in modern comfort. The spirit of the old west can be found in the hotel’s spacious and sunlit rooms and in the underground bar located under the historic Aspen Times building. Hotel Jerome provides a stunning backdrop for any event or wedding and holds many memories for us including our first performance there on New Year’s Eve following the hotel’s first remodel in 1982.

Another thing we love about the Hotel Jerome is that you never know who you might encounter there. One of the most memorable encounters for us was with the high adventure entertainment event planner, Nancy Snell. During one of our visits, she had created a “designer igloo” on the hotel deck with fur throw cushions and a female aerialist hung upside down from a chandelier pouring champagne. Other memorable moments for us while playing on stage at the Hotel Jerome include John Denver jumping on stage to sit in, Barbie Benton dancing, and spotting John Henley and Jane Fonda in our audience. In 2010, we had the opportunity to perform at the 120th anniversary celebration that showcased costumes and music through the decades. So whether you are looking for romance or a little adventure, you can find it all at this historic venue.

Jerry Barnett

Jerry Barnett

Founder & President

Jerry Barnett founded Moments Notice in 1980 and built it into Denver’s leading entertainment company. Learn more about Jerry Barnett.