Embracing Intimate Celebrations: The Charm of Micro Weddings

In an era where couples seek more personalized and intimate celebrations, the allure of micro-weddings has taken center stage. These smaller-scale affairs allow you to focus on what truly matters—your love and the connection you share with your closest family and friends. Discover the enchantment of micro weddings and how they offer a unique and meaningful way to exchange vows and celebrate your union.

Also, explore the concept of mini-moons, a delightful trend in travel and romance. These shorter, post-wedding getaways offer a perfect opportunity to unwind and savor the early moments of married life without the extensive planning associated with traditional honeymoons.

Mini-Moons, Mondays, and Micro-Weddings


Let’s first dive into exploring the emerging trends of mini-moons or later-moons rather than the traditional honeymoon. Mini-moons provide couples the opportunity to spend a long weekend together following their wedding day finding relaxation and time to celebrate their marriage. Some popular destinations in Colorado include close mountain getaways like The Broadmoor and The Stanley Hotel as well as local Denver area hotels and activities, which help to minimize travel and to maximize the time spent celebrating together.

Pre-Celebrations, Monday & Friday Receptions, and Mid-Week Weddings

In another creative way to maximize time with guests, pre-ceremony excursions, brunches, and activities for guests are becoming a common theme for wedding season. Building on the theme of creativity, with the increased demand for wedding venues and for reception spaces for those that had a ceremony earlier last year and were waiting to have a larger celebration, Monday and Friday receptions, along with mid-week weddings are becoming more common and are also a more irresistible price.

Red Aspen Photography
Red Aspen Photography


Another emerging wedding trend includes micro-weddings, which are quickly becoming a well-known option for couples looking for an intimate, simplified, and minimalistic setting to tie the knot. Broadly, a micro-wedding is considered a gathering with twenty people or less, falling somewhere between an elopement and a small traditional wedding gathering. Although the wedding list may be difficult for some couples to keep to around 20 guests or less, this arrangement allows budgets to go farther and with more creativity in the simplification and minimization of traditional elements such as wedding cakes and deserts. Venue flexibility with a smaller group is also an appeal of this more intimate setting.

If you are considering a micro-wedding this season, when it comes to entertainment for your micro wedding reception, Moments Notice & Company is here to guide you in choosing a wedding DJ and one of our smaller band ensembles. With the simplified and more intimate nature of your event, we’ll take requests allowing you to customize your music and your style. Whether you choose to dance the night away on the dance floor in an industrial warehouse space in downtown Denver or under the stars on your favorite mountaintop, we can’t wait to see your smiles and help to embrace your vision and tell your story through music on your wedding day.

When discussing wedding planning of any variety, we cannot go without mentioning our friends over at John Tobey Events, a premier wedding planner.

Summer is always packed with wedding activity and these trends may be here to stay with the appeal to simplicity, minimalism, budget friendliness, and custom nature that these non-traditional options provide to a couple. We always look forward to seeing family and friends gathered together in the celebration of love and connecting with one another.

Jerry Barnett

Jerry Barnett

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